Transguy writes, as well as talking!

Hey guys! How have you been for the past week? I’ve been awesome, thanks for asking. Everything’s just peachy keen. You know what else is peach keen? Writing.


Yup. I did it. I started a writing blog. I’m just going to use it to post shit I decide is good enough to post and shit I decide I’m just in the mood to post. If you liked my previous post, serteraline, lorazepam, I’m sure you’ll like the stuff I post on there. It’ll be mostly dedicated to my thoughts, my mind, my day to day life, through a more interesting lens. Here’s a little excerpt from my first piece.

The flakes of pure white tumbling from the heavens chill you to the bone. You huddle inwards and prop your legs up on the lonely wooden bench, shivering as your clutch your bare arms closer to your body. The icy street before you is empty of cars, and you can’t make out a single humanlike figure against the vast expanse of white. Crystals have begun to cling to your hair and melt into the skin of your face, arms, neck. Nothing quite stings like the chilled breeze blowing flurries of frozen droplets into your struggling flesh. Alas, it can’t be avoided.

“Remind me again why the fuck you wore a t-shirt,” a harsh voice wonders from beside you. Alarmed, you snap your head up to look at the teenage boy sitting on the bench where you could have sworn there had been nobody. A shock of messy and alarmingly orange hair is the first thing you see, contrasting against the pale, blinding brightness of the snowy sidewalk. He has it tucked slightly under a black beanie, which seems not to be helping at all the fight the cold. His cheeks are flushed bright red under a smattering of dark freckles, and greyish green eyes ringed with dark bags stare back at your from behind foggy, thin framed glasses. The thick black sweater he’s wearing clings to his thin frame under a mountain of sparling white and dampness. Despite the hostile seeming comment, his brow is drawn together in concern and his mouth is contorted into a slight frown. It’s the face of an old friend hearing about how badly you’ve fucked your life up over the years since you last saw them.

Like it? You can read more at transguywrites!


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