About Me

Who am I? Good fucking question.

The short story: Trans guy. Teenager. Jasper. I love pans.

The long story:

I am a guy, as you can tell by that little title card up there. I have been what I would call actually a guy for about a year- then again, I’ve only been truly myself for about a year. My name is Jasper, although elsewhere on the internet you’ll find me under the username AniJasu. The first part is Japanese. Look it up.

I’m trans, as well as pansexual. I like whoever.

Labels aside, I adore writing more than anything. It’s been my escape from the world since I was a child. I’ve been told that I write like I’m reading it, and I can’t disagree. I just started another wordpress blog to hold my writings, which is called transguywrites. Check it out.

I am an avid science fan, and wish to study physics when I grow up. I am also a very atheistic person, and I’ve never associated with any beliefs. I don’t usually like discussing religion, but I may at some point.

This blog is a bunch of my ramblings about gender, romance, identity, and whatever else comes to me in the moment. If you wish to stick along with me during this strange roller coaster ride of life, that’d be pretty cool.


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