No jokes. No annoying self-referential openings. Just the truth.

It’s been a week now since my Underworks binder arrived, and I haven’t had a better week. Most of it was spent in anticipation of this very day, dreading the concept of continuing on the way that life was continuing on, and yet something strange happened. Nothing. Nothing bad, at least. Read More


Hawt Boyz: An Editorial

In case you couldn’t tell, this post is going to be about hawt boyzz from my lofty transgender guy perspective. Hawt boyz. Cute guys. Smexy men. People who identify as male and are also attractive. You know- from a trans perspective. However unnecessary that perspective may be. Read More

Trans Terminology 102

This is a reprise of a previous post with some more insight and some more terms! Now, with some definitions of common non-binary identities and how they’re usually used, though remember that everybody is different and thinks of it differently. All additions to previous definitions are in italics. With that, let’s start our second lesson. Read More

Lesbian Boy

The one thing I’ve learned about girls since infiltrating their ranks as a young child is that girls like girls that like girls. This was very good for me growing up. Now, I’m obviously not speaking for all girls, but something strange happened that I realized only in hindsight when I came out as pan in a rather open Canadian elementary school. Nobody hated me. Read More